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The installation and maintenance in High-power industrial gear box

Wednesday - 07/02/2018 09:38
A high-power industrial gearboxes Installation Considerations

When Installing a industrial gear box, should be very careful of the central axis of the drive and when the input shaft and the output shaft is coupled with the power and ancillary machinery,
The installation and maintenance in High-power industrial gear box
as with coupling connection is required shafts and strictly prohibited from any different heart phenomenon , can extend the life of the well, and get a good transmission efficiency. Use V-belts and chains should not be too tight or too loose.
When the output shaft of the installation of transmission parts, don’t use a hammer and usually with the assembly fixture and shaft of the internal thread, with bolts of the drive member is pressed into, or may cause damage to internal parts of industrial gearboxes. Best not to use steel fixed coupling, such coupling due to improper installation can cause unnecessary additional load, resulting in early bearing damage, serious and even cause the output shaft fracture.
The industrial gear boxes should be securely mounted on a stable foundation or base level, behind the oil tank should be excluded, and the cooling air circulation flow. The basis of unreliable operation will cause vibration and noise, and to promote bearing and gear damage.
When the drive coupling are projections or the use of gear, sprocket drive, you should consider the installation of protective devices, the output shaft to withstand higher radial loads should be used in enhanced.
The mounting screws are tightened should be checked regularly, stable fixation, the gasket try to use spring washer.
The mounting device to ensure that staff can easily predetermined near the oil standard, breather plug, oil drain plug. After the installation is in place, should order a comprehensive check the accuracy of the installation location, each fastener pressed reliability, the installation should be flexible rotation.
Industrial gear box with oil pool splash lubrication, the user before running the vent plug to remove and replace the breather. According to different installation location and open the oil level plug height screw Check the oil level line at the fuel from the oil level plug to the lubricating oil from the oil level plug holes to overflow, bit screwed oil plug determine correct before proceeding empty load test run, no less than two hours. Operation should be smooth, no shock, vibration, noise and oil leakage, abnormal should be immediately removed.

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