Design Technology Of Planetary Gearbox Decelerating Motor

Wednesday - 19/01/2022 14:29

Design Technology Of Planetary Gearbox Decelerating Motor

The planetary gearbox reduction motor has the characteristics of small size, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
At present, it has been widely used in gear transmission devices such as aero engines, lifting and transportation, and smart home kitchens. Planetary gearboxes are the key to gearbox motors. The production accuracy and quality of parts, planetary gearboxes directly affect the life of planetary motors. With the popularization of the precision of processing equipment and coated blades, the processing precision of the pin hole size and position of the planetary gearbox reduction motor has been significantly improved.

The planetary gearbox adopts precision machining technology, uses a vertical machining center, uses a special tool bar, and can change coated blades. Processing process: eccentrically insert the tool bar into the pin hole, milling the upper and lower opening plane of the planetary gear box. The equipment adopting the new process method is a vertical machining center with high precision and high automation equipment. Improve the plane and quality of the planetary gearbox, while reducing the difficulty of actual manufacturing. In addition, in order to ensure the life of the planetary gearbox reduction motor, each rotor needs to go through this process.

After the rotor is wound through the dynamic balancing machine, the unbalance of the rotor is corrected according to the data measured by the balancing machine, and the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the axis is improved, so that the vibration generated when the rotor rotates or the vibration force acting on the bearing is reduced to allowable The scope of the category. An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on the supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, and causes vibration. Therefore, the balance of the rotor is very necessary, and its functions are:

1. Improve the quality of the rotor and its products;

2. Reduce noise;

3. Reduce vibration;

4. Extend the service life of the bearing;

5. Reduce the consumption of the planetary gear box.

The internal gear structure of the planetary gearbox reducer motor contains (more than) deep groove ball bearings, front end caps, output shafts, planetary gears, reducing flakes, sun gears, planetary plates, spacers, inner ring gears, starting wheels, connecting plates plus Up to dozens of parts, each part is high-precision.

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